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The Invisible Power of the One True God

The Mystery of Your Subconscious Mind

subconscious mind

The power of your subconscious mind can be considered to be equivalent to a powerful magnet. Whatever is fed to the subconscious, it attracts and manifests itself in the physical world. In simple words, there is a method which can teach you how to unlock the powers of your subconscious mind to gain glory and fame in life.
But you may ask the golden question – “how”? The answer is not simple. Hence, it’s taken many mind philosophers and Gurus to decode the mystery of the subconscious. And some of them have given us beautiful processes to adhere to and apply in our life.

Unlock Your Subconscious: The Process

To go deeper into the subject at hand, if we have certain dominating conscious thoughts and beliefs, backed-up by a burning desire and a motive towards action, then those thoughts will enter your subconscious and that’s where the magic begins. This is the foundation of everything. The law of attraction’s primary foundation, the law of vibration, comes into play. Since each thought has a frequency attached to it and it vibrates in sync with our burning desire and beliefs, therefore the execution of the task at hand becomes all the more easier. There’s a direct connection!

The Law of Attraction into Action

To continue with the foundation principle, the Law of Attraction is the law of all laws. It simply exists! Whatever you think of it, it doesn’t matter. It works just like the law of gravity or the law of electricity.
The conscious mind is a hard task-master. The conscious mind can think, reason and choose, whereas the subconscious mind doesn’t have any of these traits. It simply allows you to act on auto-pilot for taking most of your actions in daily life. You may consider your subconscious to be like the auto-pilot feature in modern aeroplanes. If you think of deviating from your “natural pattern”, then subconscious will bring you on track without you knowing.

Correlation: Law of Attraction and the Subconscious Mind

To sum-up whatever we have discussed so far, we can conveniently establish that in order to unlock the power of your subconscious mind, you need to fall back upon the basics. You need to understand the Laws of the Universe.

Napoleon Hill has described it very well in his 80 year old book, Think & Grow Rich. He has listed a 13-step process and has included key elements such as:
– Auto-suggestion,
– Power of desire,
– Faith,
– Imagination,
– Organized Planning,
– Decision,
– Persistence,
– Power of the Master Mind
& so on …

Thereafter, people such as Bob Proctor, Jim Rohn, Zig Ziglar, Anthony Robbins, Sandeep Maheshwari etc have simplified those processes for us.
Keep it simple. Stick to the basics. It will work wonders.

Acquiring the Art of Manifesting

law of attraction

All of us know a certain someone who appears to consistently receive the best results from any scenario. Someone who’s able to face everything and apparently be a success magically in any endeavor they desire in life. How could it be that these individuals can establish a life that is joyful and filled with abundance under extremely challenging environment? The answer is simple – they have understood how to make the law of attraction work for them. Period!

Introduction to Manifestation

It may appear to you as if that person is not “unlucky” (as people may put it), and perhaps you can get a bit envious and uncomfortable. The fact is that they are as lucky or unlucky as you consider yourself to be. It’s simply that they comprehend and implement the manifestation techniques in their best form. And it is time you learned it also.

Destiny Tuning – The Missing Link

Bringing riches in all forms and achieving great things in life and capitalizing on success requires a step-by-step instruction manual. I am referring to practicing the action of indication. There is no doubt that 100% of the people in self-help industry know something about the Law of Attraction. But hardly 5% amongst them know as to what is destiny tuning and have actually referred to the Manifestation Miracle PDF. The best thing is that it’s approx 200 pages in size. It’s easy to grasp and implement in your life. Results are quick and to your advantage.

The Power of an Idea

Everything starts with an idea. It is the initial step in indication. Going deep into your thoughts is a powerful thing. Details are loved by the Universe. You must give attention to the particular idea you need. Do not simply say “I need more cash”. Give attention to the precise quantity you need.

The Universe also adores speed, so ensure you are prepared to take prompt actions when the inspiration strikes you.

Closing Comments

Never say that you simply cannot afford something. Actually, throw out the word “cannot” totally out of your vocabulary.
Establish what exactly you desire in your life. And then work upon it wholeheartedly. Dive into the basics of the law of attraction and focus on implementing the destiny tuning technique as mentioned above. Take consistent actions towards what you need.